How to Disconnect Airpods From Apple ID: A Comprehensive Guide

AirPods have transformed the way we listen to music and communicate with our Apple devices. Their flawless integration and ease make them a well-liked choice among users. But, there may be times when you need to disconnect your AirPods from your Apple ID. Whether you wish to pair them with a different device or simply want to take them away from your account. We will examine the step-by-step methods to disconnect airpods from Apple ID. 

Disconnecting Airpods from Apple ID

Since your Apple ID and AirPods are associated, you must unlink them from your Apple ID before selling or giving them away. 

Removing Apple ID from AirPods Using the ‘Find My’ App

When you first set up AirPods, they’re connected to your Apple ID via “Pairing Lock” (the AirPods equivalent of the iPhone’s activation lock). Apple uses Pairing Lock to let you track AirPods using Find My and for all your devices to recognize and connect to the AirPods without setting them up repeatedly

If you do not remove the Pairing Lock before passing along your AirPods, though, their new user will not be able to connect them to their Apple ID or use all of their features.

So, before giving away or selling your AirPods, you can use the Find My App on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to disconnect your airpods from your Apple ID

  1. Make sure the AirPods are within the device’s pairing range before you start.
  2. Assure you are logged in to the Find My app using the same Apple ID the AirPods are paired to.
  3. In the Find My app, slide up to show the list of all your devices.
  4. Click the AirPods you wish to disconnect from your Apple ID.
  5. Swipe up on the info about the AirPods to disclose more details.
  1. Click Remove This Device.
  2. Click Remove in the pop-up window

Removing Apple ID from AirPods Using iCloud

You may use iCloud to remove AirPods from an Apple ID if you don’t want to utilize the Find My app or don’t have access to it. This method also works to remove other Apple devices from an Apple ID. Simply adhere to these steps:

  1. Log into by using the Apple ID that the AirPods are paired to.
  1. Click Find My.
  1. Tap All Devices
  1. Tap the AirPods you want to disconnect.
  1. Tap Remove from Account.
  1. In the pop-up window, click Remove.


To sum up, it’s easy to detach your AirPods from your Apple ID so you may pair them with different devices or take them off of your account. You can effortlessly manage your AirPods connections and explore your device’s settings by following the above step-by-step guide. Take advantage of your AirPods’ adaptability and convenience as you easily move between devices and personalize your audio experience. We hope this guide assisted you for what you were looking for. 

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