There are several models and specs available for the Gateway laptop. There are many options and combinations available for each model. Every laptop made by Gateway has a keyboard that looks the same. The laptop takes screenshots by pressing the CTRL and PrtScn buttons simultaneously.

The gateway laptop follows a different procedure. There are several options available when it comes to getting a screenshot on the gateway laptop. You may select the technique and snap a screenshot according to your requirements.

How do I screenshot a Gateway laptop? (5 Methods)

  • The Print Screen Method

The most often used approach would be the first one. You won’t need any third-party software to use this strategy. Instead, Windows comes with everything you need to use it this way. Yes, we are referring to the shorthand way of capturing screenshots that involves the ‘Print Screen’ key.

Keep in mind that the full screen will be recorded using this approach. Therefore, you will need to crop the image afterwards if you wish to snap a screenshot of a specific portion of the screen. Let’s study more about this procedure now.

  • Go to the page from which you wish to grab a screenshot.
  • Next, hit the keyboard’s Print Screen key. This key may be identified as the PS or PrtScn key on various keyboards. Thus, while you are at the website or screen you wish to snap a screenshot of, hit that key.
  • The snapshot will be saved to the clipboard at this time. Therefore, you may paste it into any photo editing software.
  • You may use your Gateway PC’s Paint or Paint 3D application for this. Press the shortcut keys CTRL+V simultaneously to paste the snapshot. Alternatively, you may manually choose the Paint app’s “Paste” button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You can alter the screenshot at this stage. For example, you may add text to it or resize and crop it.
  • The picture must then be saved anywhere you choose. To accomplish this, just pick the File option in the Paint app’s upper left corner.
  • You will then need to select the ‘Save as’ option.
  • When a few alternatives emerge, you may select “JPEG” from among them.
  • After that, you may select the folder in which you wish to store the screenshot.
  • Lastly, to save the screenshot, click the Save option in the Windows Explorer box.
  • Using a Snipping Tool

Using the Snipping Tool is the second method for taking a screenshot on your Gateway laptop. You may use this tool to choose a portion of the screen to take a picture of and save it as an image file. To apply this technique:

  • Look up “snip” using the Start menu.
  • An application named “Snipping Tool” ought to show up in the results. To start this software, click on it.
  • After it opens, select the “New” button and move the mouse pointer over the desired region of the screen to capture.
  • Your screenshot will open in a new window that appears when you release the mouse button.
  • Before saving your snapshot as an image file, you can alter or annotate it from this point on.
  • Using Third-Party Screenshot Apps

Many well-known Windows programs for taking screenshots and capturing screen images are available. Thus, you can use third-party software if none of the aforementioned methods satisfy you. These days, the market is flooded with them.

While some are pricey, others are free. We’ll expose you to several free screenshot applications in this area. So that it would not cost you anything to snap screenshots on your gateway. Now let’s get started.


You can accomplish more with PicPick than just take screenshots. You may use it to share, enhance, and edit your screenshots and photos. There’s an upgraded version. However, taking screenshots will be simple with the free version. Naturally, you must first download it to your Gateway computer. After that, taking whatever screenshot you want is simple.


Greenshot is number two on our list. This screenshot-capturing program is available for free and is open-source. Just download and set up your computer. Additionally, you can easily take and edit free screenshots on your Gateway laptop or PC.


Perhaps you are already familiar with Lightshot. This is a very well-liked tool for taking screenshots. It’s also free to use. You must install it on your Gateway PC first. After that, using Lightshot to take screenshots is just a matter of time. You may go to their tutorial website to find out the best approach to utilizing Lightshot. Fortunately for you, this program is quite simple to use.

  • Using Windows + G Keys Combination (Game Bar Feature)

There’s a new feature for gamers in Windows 10. We are discussing the functionality of the game bar. This will allow you to snap screenshots while using any app or playing games.

The Game Bar feature has a ton of settings and features. Let’s look at how to use the Game Bar function to snap a screenshot.

  • All you have to do is hit the ‘Windows + G’ keyboard shortcut. When you do this, a ton of overlay choices will show up on the screen.
  • To take the snapshot, often there will be a “Capture” widget available. Now, you should click on the “Widget Menu” button at the top of the screen if you are unable to view the Capture widget.
  • After that, a few alternatives will appear. Choose the “Capture” option from those available selections.
  • The capture widget should now be visible in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Thus, select the ‘Take Screenshot’ icon from the Capture widget, which resembles a camera.
  • A full-screen screenshot will be taken instantaneously.
  • On your Gateway PC, all of the screenshots that the Game Bar takes will be saved in the “Videos > Captures” folder.
  • By selecting the ‘Show all captures’ option from the game bar, you may also view them directly.
  • Using Snip & Sketch

As previously stated, Windows 10 will eventually replace the Snipping one with a different one. The “Snip & Sketch” tool is that tool. This utility is currently limited to Windows 10.

Additionally, this program makes it simple for you to take and modify screenshots on your Gateway Windows 10 laptop or PC. Here’s how to carry that out:.

  • The “Snip & Sketch” tool may be used in two different ways. Initially, you may just simultaneously hit the ‘Windows + SHIFT + S’ buttons on your keyboard. Alternatively, you may use the search box located in the lower left corner of the screen to look for “Snip & Sketch” next to the Start symbol.
  • Now, when you use the “Snip & Sketch” tool, the top of the screen will provide several alternatives for you to choose from. The options that you may choose from include full-screen, window, free-form, and rectangle capture.
  • Thus, pick your favorite choice and use your mouse to select the area to snap a screenshot.
  • A pop-up notice will then appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. Thus, give it a tap.
  • At this moment, the screenshot will show up in a window. That screenshot may be edited there.
  • You must save it after making any edits.


Sometimes, you may need to snap a screenshot with your laptop or computer. Using a smartphone to take a screenshot is fairly simple. Even using free third-party apps on your phone makes collecting screenshots quite easy. On the other hand, most individuals struggle with taking screenshots on their PCs. 

However, as we’ve already demonstrated, taking screenshots with your Gateway laptop or desktop is rather simple. Even better, we’ve given you many ways to accomplish it.

We hope that this guide will make it extremely easy for you to snap screenshots on your Gateway PC going forward. You are also free to employ whatever of the aforementioned techniques works best for you.

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