How Do I Know if my laptop has an HDMI input or output?

The acronym for High Definition Multimedia Interface is HDMI. High Definition (HD) signals are handled by HDMI and are used to send high-definition audio and video data over a single connection. Unlike earlier systems, these unique audio/video interfaces don’t need an external audio device or cable for input.

Presently, one of the most extensively utilized communication protocols, it is present in projectors, laptops, TVs, and monitors. Because of their bi-directional nature, you can attach either end to an HDMI input or output port.

Therefore, knowing which ports are input and output is now essential. Your questions will be answered by our techroom. And the main thing we want to do for you today is help you figure out if your laptop has an HDMI input or output.

This is what the HDMI port looks like in your laptop:

Understanding Input and Output Port

Before we get started, let’s review what input and output ports are.

Input Port

An electronic gadget will always accept data from input devices such a keyboard, mouse, camera, and so on if it has an input port.

Output Port

An electronic device will always send data to an output device, such as a TV, monitor, printer, speakers, headphones, and so on, if it has an output port.

Understanding HDMI Input and HDMI output

HDMI Output

By connecting this cable to an HDMI destination device, the DMI Output, an HDMI Signal Sender, transmits the signal via an HDMI cable.One end of an HDMI cable is supposed to be the HDMI output.

On computers, HDMI output ports are frequently seen. They send data to televisions, monitors, and projectors, among other gadgets.It is not possible for your laptop to accept any input signal from other devices. For instance, transferring data from other devices via an HDMI connection and port will not allow you to watch movies on your laptop.

HDMI Input

An HDMI input is a receiver for signals that connects to an HDMI cable. For instance, projectors, TVs, and monitors all contain HDMI input ports (although they are unlabeled) and may receive audio and video data from other gadgets like PCs and laptops.

Although HDMI input is quite uncommon, most PCs have HDMI output.

Why Don’t Laptops Have HDMI Input Ports?

You are aware that laptops have HDMI output ports rather than HDMI input ports based on the information we have provided thus far.

“Why?” is the query. Why don’t laptop makers build devices that can simultaneously receive and display video from various sources?

A few laptops, such as the Clevo X8100 and Alien M17x R4, had HDMI input ports in the past. It is now quite uncommon to locate any new laptop models with HDMI input connectors because they were discontinued.

Technology used for transmission is not the same as that used for receiving and processing video signals. Therefore, a video port cannot really be used as an input and output connector at the same time.

Although it is feasible to design a laptop with discrete HDMI input and output ports, most manufacturers are reluctant to provide features or technology that most customers do not find necessary. Every addition to a laptop has expenses associated with it, and most manufacturers aim to keep their costs competitive.

Soundbars, TVs, monitors, and AV receivers are among the few gadgets with both input and output HDMI connectors. For improved audio or multi-screen displays, these devices can also transmit whatever signals they receive to other devices that are connected.

How to Use the Laptop’s HTMI Output Port?

In the first place, your audio and video are converted to digital signals by the laptop’s chip, which also uses Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) to prevent signal degradation as it passes through the wires. The signals are transferred from your laptop to one of the HDMI twisted pair cables, with the other wires carrying an inverse copy of the signals that are being transmitted.

An HDMI source device, like a laptop, transfers HD quality to a receiver, like a projector, monitor, or television, by measuring the difference between the signals when they arrive at the receivers (like monitors and televisions) and using that information to compensate for signal losses. (Source)

List of Best Laptops with HDMI Input

Apple MacBook Air M1

Acer Predator Helios 300

Samsung 3

Dell XPS 13

HP Stream 14


In conclusion, the fact that your laptop has an HDMI input port is essentially unchanged.While an HDMI output allows you to project what’s on your screen onto a larger screen, an HDMI input allows you to utilize your laptop as a screen for other devices.

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