6 Things That are Taking up Too Much Space on Your PC| (2024)

Your Windows computer may speedily run out of space, particularly if you’ve been using it for a while. Luckily, a few ways exist to check free hard drive space. They will show which programmes, files, etc. use too much space on your PC. 

What occupies my storage?

Windows 10 provides some insight. It shows what may be installed on your computer and using up much space. To see how much space you have and how much has been used, go to Settings > System > Storage. To view where every bit of your storage space is going, select Show more categories.

Also, you may turn on Storage Sense in Storage. It makes Windows periodically delete unused files to free up space.

Is disc space affected by the recycle bin?

The Recycle Bin is among the simplest locations to search for files taking up a lot of space on your PC. Your deleted files go into the recycle bin, as they are not really removed permanently. Instead, they are archived and put in the recycle bin. If a file is erased by chance, this gives you time to recover it. But if files build up there, it can take up a lot of space. Select Empty Recycle Bin at the top of the window after opening the Recycle Bin via a search or its desktop shortcut.

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Are temporary files needed?

Although they are frequently required, temporary files only provide a transient function. These files may occasionally remain on your computer longer than you need or want. Using Disc Cleanup, remove them. When the tool opens, look for Disc Cleanup and select your hard disc. To pick which extra system files you want to remove, select Clean up system files. Options include temporary files, temporary internet files, the recycle bin’s contents, and other unneeded files.

Apps taking up space

The amount of space they occupy depends on how many apps and programmes you have installed on your computer. Games can be specifically large, so uninstalling apps you don’t use often is a good idea. Go to Settings > Apps. Then, choose Installed Programmes (Windows 11) or Programmes & Features (Windows 10). You can use them to see which apps take up a lot of space. To show the largest apps, select the size option at the top of this screen.

Impact of videos and photos on storage

The primary files taking up the majority of the storage on a PC hard disc are often images and videos. It’s a good idea to keep them somewhere else. They can be kept in the cloud with OneDrive, which is a feature of Windows 10 and 11. When you use OneDrive, it’s easy to upload large files to the cloud. Then, you can see them from your PC whenever you have an internet connection. It’s ideal for files that you just sometimes need to look at, like images and videos.

Choose the files and folders taking up the most space. Do this by searching in File Explorer for the OneDrive folder. To make the files available online and free up space on your PC, right-click the selection and select Free up space. Moreover, keep in mind that there may be extra media files on your computer that are saved elsewhere. look at the local Videos and Pictures folders, for example, for unused files. To make room, you can delete them, transfer them to another drive, or use a cloud storage service.

Do many users occupy space?

The items they have stored take up space. If you have shared a computer with someone and they have their own user account,. A rapid way to recover all the space they are using is to delete a Windows user. All of the user’s data will be deleted. This includes objects on their desktop, downloads, documents, images, music, and other files.

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