How to make computer in little alchemy 2: An Easy Guide

You must have wondered if this game lets you to make computers! We will let you know about the process of assembling the important components to make computer in Little Alchemy w with simple steps. Go through the whole article to understand the important points.

What is Little Alchemy 2?

In the well-known online game Little Alchemy 2, users can combine preexisting materials to create new ones. The idea behind the game is straightforward: combine elements to build new ones that can be used to make ever more complex elements.

The four fundamental elements that players begin within Little Alchemy 2 are fire, earth, water, and air. Mud, lava, and steam are just a few of the additional elements that can be made by mixing these elements. Subsequently, players can keep combining components to produce ever more sophisticated materials, including live creatures, implements, and even technological objects like computers.

The game is quite difficult and addictive, and players might lose hours trying to find new combinations and ingredients. It’s an excellent approach to practice creative and problem-solving techniques while having a good time.

Required Elements

To make a computer in a game you need four basic elements. These elements are most essential to make any object in a game these are fundamental elements. Therefore, before continuing, make sure you have these four basic elements in your list. If you do not have, you need it to create them by combining existing elements. For instance, if you combine air and fire in game they will give you energy, when you combine earth and water they will provide you mud.

How to Get Started with Little Alchemy 2

If you are new to Little Alchemy 2, you will face difficulty. Follow these easy steps, and you will be creating a computer soon.

  • Go to the Little Alchemy 2 website (
  • Tap on the Play Little Alchemy 2 button.
  • The game will load in your browser. click the New Game button to begin a new game.
  • When the game has loaded, you will see a screen with four fundamental elements: air, fire, earth, and water.
  • You can gather these elements to create new ones. For instance, combining fire and water will create steam.
  • Carry on combining elements to create new ones and find out new items. Carry on unless you have unlocked the computer element.

Making Computer in Little Alchemy 2

Follow the steps discussed below carefully to make a computer in a little alchemy game.

Create Electricity

Electricity is the first element to make a computer in Little Alchemy 2. Firstly, you need to create electricity. Therefore, combine the elements of fire and air .this is not tricky, just drag and drop the air element onto the fire element on the game board. And this will make electricity.

Create Metal

Metal is the second component you’ll need to build a computer in Little Alchemy 2. Combine the elements of earth and fire to produce metal. In the game, this phase will produce a computer metal.

Create Silicon

Silicon is the third component that is required for the construction of computers. Combine the elements fire and sand to create silicon elements. Simply drag and drop the materials for sand and fire. Silicon will result from this.

Create Computer Parts

You have already made silicon and metal elements and electricity in earlier steps. You will build the components of a computer in this step. To create computer components, combine these components. Drop and drag metal onto the electricity first. A wire will be created at this stage. Proceed to drag and drop the silicon onto the wire in the following step. so producing computer components.

 Create Microchip

You need the last element to create a computer Microchip. To make a microchip, pull and drop the elements of computer parts onto the electricity. This will create a microchip element.

Create Computer

This is the last step to make a computer in the little Alchemy 2 game. Now that you have made all of the necessary elements in computer making, you can make a computer. For making a computer, gather the computer parts and microchip elements. After you dragged and dropped the microchip element onto the computer parts, now your computer have on in little alchemy game successfully.

This is not a complicated task. In just easy drag and drop you can make a computer in the game.

Common Mistakes in Creating a Computer

Creating a computer in Little Alchemy 2 is a entertaining and difficult task, but sometimes things do not go as per our plan. We have discussed some common mistakes players might face and how to troubleshoot them:

1.     Absence of Essential Components

One frequent error is forgetting crucial components required to build a computer. Keep in mind to examine the wire, metal, and other vital components for the computer twice.

2.     Inaccurate Order of Combinations

Putting components together incorrectly is another error. If you don’t follow the proper combination order, you may receive an alternate element or none at all. For instance, a computer cannot be created by mixing wire and metal without first adding electricity.

3.     Incorrect Placement of Elements

Erroneous component placement can also result in problems while building a computer. Ensure that the components are arranged correctly, both in terms of slots and order. Try a variety of placements until you find the perfect mix.

4.     Older Version of the Game

Verify that Little Alchemy 2 is installed on your device with the most recent version. There are combinations in the game that may not work in older versions, such building a computer. To fix the problem, try upgrading the game.

FAQs Q: What are the important elements required to create a computer?

A: The important elements required to create a computer in Little Alchemy 2 are: electricity, metal, and computer chip.

Q: Are there any other elements that can be combined with these important elements to create a computer?

A: Yes is the answer, there are other elements that can be combined with these important elements to create a computer. For instance, combining metal and wire will also give you a computer.

Q: I have combined all the important elements, but I still can’t create a computer. What’s wrong?

A: One likely mistake is not combining the elements in the accurate order. You must combine electricity and metal first to create wire, and then combine the wire with a computer chip to create a computer. Another  mistake is not using the right version of the game, as some elements may not be available in that versions  

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