Text Mail Subscriber: Recognizing The Scammers

Have you ever heard of or wondered what text-mail subscribers are? You likely got the message, “The text message subscriber is not available.” You got it when you tried to call back an unknown number.

Did you understand that the same object may be the victim of multiple scams? You should not be worried, though. We shall delve deeply into the specifics of text messaging subscribers in this blog. This will serve as your one-stop shop for any investigations. Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin.

What is a text mail subscriber?

In basically, a text message subscriber is a person who makes phone decisions online. In this case, the calls come from the internet. They do not come from a typical landline or portable phone. The majority of these individuals use online phone services like Google Voice. The person will receive a warning via email at the moment when you SMS them.

A person who expressly requests to receive text emails is known as a text mail subscriber. As said, emails sent via email clients and ESPs are in MIME, or multi-part format. MIME supports different content types and messages with many parts. It can choose which format to show for a given receiver. Nor can you return a call. If you return a call to the text message number, a voicemail will be left.

The act of creating and forwarding electronic communications is known as texting or text mailing. Text emails often consist of plain text with only alphabetic and numeric characters. This email is being sent between two or more users. They are using compatible computers, desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

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What Is Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

An SMS subscription service in and of itself is not fraudulent. In the wrong hands, this tool has the potential to be dangerous. To create phoney texts, scammers sign up for text messaging services. They can do this while using an auto-generated phone number. It conceals their identity.

For example, scammers pose as respectable companies like banks. They send anonymous SMS messages. The message may seek the answer urgently. It is to keep your credit card from being blocked without approval. These texts have links. You can use them to store personal information, like your social security number or bank account.

When you click on the links, scammers use the information to steal and commit fraud. For example, they could apply for loans illegally. Or, they could obtain credit in your name by using your personal information.

What Happens When You Call Back a Text-Messaging Subscriber?

No genuine person will pick up when you try to call a text messaging provider back. As previously stated, they may only be acquired through explicit text. The receiver of the text message may not be available if there is silence or ringing on the line. You can hardly react via voicemail, which becomes an email with plain text. The recipient of the text message will be aware that you tried to contact them by voicemail. It is not up to you whether you get the response or not. All you can do is wait for them to show their identity and message to you.

What Are The Sign That Ensure That The Text Mail Is A Scam?

These SMS messages may be a scam. They aim to deceive you. You can tell right away by looking for telltale signs. Here are some warning indicators to be aware of:

The message is not composed well

An authority wouldn’t be so careless. They wouldn’t send an email like a confusing text message. Such an email implies they don’t value clarity.

They may have other priorities, like getting you to reply or tap on a link. This way, they can keep fooling you and get your number to work. Ignore any misspellings, strange syntax, or text shortcuts (such as using “u” for “you”) in the message.

Suspecious link on the text message

If you are not certain that a link in a text is secure, never tap on it. These links can be broken or lead to websites that attempt to steal your personal information. A link is likely malicious if it appears strange, is short, or obscures its destination.

Request for personal information

Text messages requesting personal information should always be avoided. Real businesses or organizations have secure ways to communicate. They wouldn’t ask for private info in a text.

Urgency and scare tactics

Tricksters may try to rush you into responding or taking action right away. They’ll try to convince you to do something by appealing to your fear of missing out, or FOMO.

Unrealistic Offers

A text claiming to be wealthy or to have won a large prize appears suspicious. Consider whether it is genuine. It can resemble those deceitful wealthy prince tactics.

Inaccurate information

Verify the text’s accuracy if it contains information such as a firm name or its origin. Those who attempt to con people frequently make mistakes. Check if this sender or corporation is genuinely online and has a Google profile. You can also confirm the address using Google Maps.

How Can Your Block Text Mail Subscriber?

Your cell carrier and equipment will determine if you can block a text message subscriber. Both Android and iPhone number blocking methods are available for you to research. The general safety measures to take into account are:

  • Talk to your carrier about it. You can choose to restrict specific phone numbers or text mail users with certain mobile providers. See whether your carrier is able to assist you.
  • Make use of the device’s blocking functionality. Check the settings on your device to determine if this function is enabled.
  • Report the subscriber to text messages. You can report an unknown number to the police or your carrier. Do this if it targets you with unsolicited offers or other harassing content.

You can also get the help of Block to robocalls, emails, and text messages. It protects you from unwanted messages or scams.


What is voice mail subscriber voicemail?

A service called text mail subscriber voicemail lets users convert voicemails to plain text emails. You can turn your voice messages into text. Then, you can send them to others using apps like TextNow or Google Voice.

What does the message “the text mail subscriber is unavailable” mean?

The message says “The text mail subscriber is unavailable”. It means the user can only get emails with plain text replies. This warning may appear when you return a call to an unidentified number.

Can a text mail subscriber receive phone calls?

No doubt, but only in certain cases. You can record a voice answer to a text message. It will be changed into an email if the receiver uses an app that changes voicemails to texts. It is not possible to speak on the phone with a subscriber to text mail.

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