How to Repost A Story on Instagram: The Right Way 

Users can reshare stories they were tagged in or just want to share. They can do this by reposting the story. Still, until they are added to the creator’s Instagram Highlights. Instagram stories expire after 24 hours. A story can reach a larger audience by being reposted, thus extending its timeline. It’s essential for anyone unsure about how to repost a story on Instagram to understand this, though. The story must fulfil a few requirements.

In this post, we will look at quick hacks to repost a story on Instagram when you are tagged. We will also cover reposting a story on Instagram when you are not tagged. Additionally, we will also share with you the steps to repost a story on Feed. 

Reposting a Story on Instagram When  Not Tagged

You can share most public Instagram posts with your followers. Just include the posts in your Instagram story. This is the only authorised way to share a post on Instagram. It is easy and gives credit to the original author. Here is how to do it:

  1. Start Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Check your direct messages. Instagram will send you one if someone mentions or tags you in their story. You will be informed that you have been mentioned in someone’s story with this message.
  3. See the Story mentioned: Click on the direct message that was sent to you about the mention. A synopsis of the story, including your mention, will appear.
  4. Repost your story: In the direct message, tap the story preview. This will start the mentioned story. It will show a “Add This to Your Story” option at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Customise and share: You can change the story mentioned before sharing. To personalise it, you can add writing, stickers, drawings, or other things. After you are satisfied, click “Your Story” to add the mentioned story to your own.
  6. Send to close friends (optional). Before sharing the story, select “Close Friends.”. Those who have a Close Friends list on Instagram can then choose to share it with them alone.
  7. Post the reposted story. Click “Send To” or “Your Story,” based on your choice. Do this after you have finished personalising and choosing your audience. This will now share the story on your own Instagram story, which your friends and followers can view.

Don’t forget to give credit to the main poster. Leave their username in the story and acknowledge their mention. Also, thank them for it. Recognising the user is polite. They tagged you in their story, so they likely want recognition or to share with your audience. 

Reposting story on Instagram  when not tagged

Instagram lacks a direct way to do this. Reposting an untagged Instagram story needs some extra work. Third-party programmes can help repost these stories. But, there are also easy and moral solutions. Never forget to get the original poster’s consent. Use their content in your story. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get permission. Talk to the original creator before you repost their content. This avoids possible copyright issues and respects content ownership.
  2. Screenshot or record: Take a screenshot if the story is presented as a picture. Use the screen recording ability on your device for animated stories or videos. Make sure the quality is up to par and that you catch the content.
  3. Open the story on Instagram. To enter the story creation screen, go to your Instagram home screen. Then, slide right or click your avatar in the top-left corner.
  4. Upload and personalize. Select the image or movie from your phone’s gallery or camera roll. After uploading, you can edit the story. You can add GIFs, text, stickers, and effects. Credit the original creator. Show concern by tagging or mentioning them, if possible.
  5. Post the story. Tap on “Your Story” to share the reposted information with your followers. You can do this after making the needed edits.
  6. Acknowledge the original creator. It’s good freelance practice to thank them directly or chat briefly. Do this even if you have already credited them in the story. 

Reposting a Story On Feed

We now know how to repost stories without tagging anyone. But, how may old stories be reposted on Instagram? It’s easy; here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile and click on the story that shows up as your profile photo.
  2. Go to the particular story segment that you want to repost on your feed.
  3. To access extra options, click the three dots at the bottom right of the story segment.
  4. Once a menu shows, select “Save/Share as Post.”
  5. At the end, edit the story, add captions, use filters, and tag accounts. After that, select “Share” to repost the story on your feed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I repost deleted stories on Instagram?

After 24 hours, Instagram stories are deleted. You can’t reshare them unless they are archived. You can access Instagram posts that you’ve deleted in the last 30 days. Do this by going to your profile’s menu, then to activity, and then to recently deleted posts.

Why can’t my friends repost my Instagram story?

You might have to allow sharing. Navigate to Profile > Menu > Preferences > Security > Narrative > Permit telling the story.

How long does an Instagram story repost last?

A repost story on Instagram has the same 24-hour duration as any other story. However, you can mark it as a “highlight” if you’d like to remember it for longer.

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