How to Change Bitmoji Style on Snapchat: A Simple Guide 

Among younger generations, Snapchat is one of the most widely used social networking programs. Users can make their own Bitmoji avatars, add filters and lenses, and share images and videos with pals. Bitmojis are animated avatars of yourself that you can personalize to appear exactly like you or completely different. They’ve established themselves as a mainstay of Snapchat communication, adding humor and intimacy to exchanges. 

We’ll walk you through changing the Bitmoji style on the Snapchat app in this article. Are you sick of the Bitmoji you used to use? Would you like to change the appearance of your avatar? It only takes a few simple steps to change your Bitmoji look. You can always design a personalized avatar that embodies your personality or mood by experimenting with numerous styles and customization options.

Changing Bitmoji Style and My Avatar Style on Bitmoji

You can change an avatar’s facial features, outfit, or skin tone by choosing the avatar. To make needed changes on your smartphone, you must have both the Snapchat and Bitmoji apps installed. Your system has a  range of styles and colors to selecy from, in spite of of which feature you wish to change. The selection bar is present at the bottom of the screen. You can alter the avatar’s appearance to fit the current season or make it seem clever or silly by using Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature. Using the hashtag #updateyouravatar, you can also upload a new avatar through the Snapchat app. You have to look through the options until you locate the perfect outfit because the Outfit Search feature is not functional.

Click the gear icon in the upper-left corner to view the Bitmoji options. You may Request My Data, Reset Avatar, and Delete Account from the My Account menu at the bottom of the screen. By tapping the market stall icon in the main menu, you may access the Bitmoji store.

By tapping or dragging the 3D Bitmoji header down on your Profile card, you can alter it. Tap the share icon in the upper right corner to share your customized pose and background with other platforms. Do you want to give your 3D Bitmoji more customizing options? In the Deluxe setting, you can change the appearance of your Bitmoji identity.

Additionally, Open Bitmoji and tap the settings icon in the upper right corner to modify the appearance of your avatar. Choose your preferred style by selecting “Avatar Style” from there.

Additional Bitmoji Settings

Tap the “gear” icon on the top-left to access the Bitmoji settings and make a few other changes. The first option lets you to change the avatar style and know more about the Bitmoji keyboard. , If you change the style, you are back to square one and need to modify the avatar from scratch. 

The My Account menu at the bottom of the screen features Request My Data, Reset Avatar, Delete Account options. Change Avatar and Delete Account are quite clear. The Request My Data option takes you to the Snapchat login window to connect the two accounts if you haven’t already done it.


Open the Snapchat app, then select your profile to alter the Bitmoji design.

Next, choose “Edit Bitmoji” by tapping on your Bitmoji. This will take you to a screen where you can experiment with your avatar’s customization options and styles. 

After you’ve discovered a fresh look, keep it and use it for your Bitmoji. All of your friends will be able to view your new appearance on your Snapchat profile.

Customizing your Bitmoji is an enjoyable way to express yourself online, with a wide variety of styles and possibilities. More than 70% of Snapchat users routinely utilize Bitmojis in interactions with pals, according to recent statistics.

This demonstrates how well-liked these alterable avatars have grown within the application. You can differentiate yourself from the crowd and give your profile some individuality by altering the look of your Bitmoji. 

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