How to Turn off Sensi-temp Technology: [An Easy Guide]

After more than thirty years of use, my folks’ ancient electric stove eventually needed to be replaced last year. Life was excellent once I got online and assisted my mother in ordering a new GE stove from Lowes that would be delivered in a few days.

And it was, up until my mother discovered that her brand-new stove kept going on and off at the higher temperature settings when she started cooking on it. She lamented that her supper was taking an eternity to cook and that the stove wasn’t operating properly.

Sensi-Temp Technology: Definition

It turns out that, as of 2018, all new electric ranges with coil burners or components must comply with UL regulation, which mandates temperature limiting features to lower the danger of fire. This feature is referred to by GE and Hotpoint as Sensi-Temp technology.

The new Sensi-Temp burners operate by using a sensor to determine the cookware’s temperature. The coil will cut off until the temperature returns to a safe level if the pot or skillet gets too hot. For those who are easily distracted and keep their iron on all day, this function sounds like a wonderful idea.

Sensi-Temp stoves include a feature that many people find annoying. According to GE, the sensor must be clean in order for the burners to function properly, and your pots and pans must be absolutely flat in order for the sensor to make touch with the bottom. Some had to replace all of their kitchenware, and even after that, their stove continued to malfunction.

How to Bypass the Sensi-Temp Technology?

It is feasible to disable the Sensi-Temp technology by first turning off the cooktop’s electricity and then taking the sensors out. Sensi-Temp technology is an essential safety element; hence it is not advised to disable it.

The best course of action if you need help with Sensi-Temp technology is to get in touch with a trained repair expert. They can assist in determining the problem’s diagnosis and provide a solution, such changing or repairing the sensors.

How to Replace Sensi-Temp Coil Burners?

Depending on the model of your electric cooktop, there are several steps involved in replacing the Sensi-Temp coil burners. To replace the burners, the main procedures are as follows:

  • Switch off the cooktop’s electricity.
  • Pots and pans should be taken off the stove.
  • Take off the detachable pieces, including the burner grates.
  • Find and take off the clips or screws holding the burners in place.
  • Remove the old burners off the cooktop with care.
  • Using the screws or clips, insert the new burners into the cooktop and fasten them firmly.
  • After putting the cooktop back together, restart the power.

How to Disable Sensi-temp Burners on Newer Stoves

Step 1: Find the Control Box for Sensi-temp.

Finding the Sensi-temp control box is the first step. This is often found on the right side of the cooktop or behind the oven door, depending on the type of your stove. In the event that the location changes, be sure to consult your owner’s handbook as well.

Step 2: Turn Off the Power Source

Always be sure to turn off the power source before beginning any type of work. Usually found within the control box, this has to be turned all the way to the “off” position.

Step 3: Locate the Sensi-temp Sensor Switch

 Finding the Sensi-temp sensor switch is the next step. This switch will be on or next to the control box; it resembles a little red disk. The tag that says “Sensi-temp” identifies this.

Step 4: Disconnect the Power Source Wires

Unplugging the Sensi-temp sensor switch’s power source wires is the fourth step. To accomplish this, take out any fasteners or fasteners that are securing them. After removing those, gently take out the cables and place them aside.

Step 5: Replace the Control Box Cover and Turn on Power Source

 After completing the previous steps, flip on the power source and replace the control box lid. On more recent stoves, this should totally deactivate the Sensi-temp burners.

In case more repairs are required, make sure to routinely inspect the control box and power supply.

Your modern stove’s Sensi-temp burners should be securely and swiftly deactivated by following these five simple actions. Please get in touch if you need assistance with the procedure or if you have any more questions.

Should You Disable Sensi-Temp or Replace the Burners?

Disabling the Sensi-Temp technology or replacing the burners to get around it is not advised. One crucial safety component that aids in preventing mishaps and stovetop fires is Sensi-Temp technology. The best course of action if you need help with Sensi-Temp technology is to get in touch with a trained repair expert. They may assist in diagnosing the problem and provide a solution, such as changing or repairing the burners or sensors.

Wrapping Up

It’s a good idea to know how to turn off the sensi-temp burners on modern stoves for safety concerns, but it may also help you save time and money. Sensi-temp burners not only lessen the chance of burns from hot stove surfaces, but they also may result in reduced cookware deterioration over time. It never hurts to be a bit extra cautious, even if you are an accomplished cook. 

A seamless experience in the kitchen may result in better meals and memories if you take the time to become familiar with these safety settings.

Ultimately, spending a few minutes reading and understanding how to operate your appliances will help prevent grease fires and other future mishaps. Now that you have this information, you’ll be ready to take on even the trickiest recipes!

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