Mobile Window Tinting: Things You Need to Know

The process of darkening a vehicle’s windows with a thin laminate film is called window tinting. There are several reasons why people decide to tint their car windows. These could include security or privacy; shielding against UV radiation, especially UVA, which can cause skin cancer; lowering solar gain (internal heat) to gradually increase fuel efficiency; and minimizing sun glare. Of course, installing automobile window tinting can also be done for merely aesthetic reasons. It helps that some people think tinted car windows are stylish and fashionable, akin to celebrity-style sunglasses for your vehicle.

Window Tinting Process

When the technician arrives, he will inspect the car and decide on the best method for window tinting. Subsequently, they will arrange the tinting apparatus, comprising a cutting tool, squeegee, and work table. To guarantee a spotless and even surface for applying the tint film, the windows must be cleaned in the following step.

Each window will be measured by the technician once they have cleaned them. This will guarantee that the tint film is cut to the proper size.

Next, the appropriate tint film will be selected in accordance with the customer’s preferences and any applicable local rules or restrictions. See this article regarding window tint kinds for more detailed instructions.

The tint film will be cut to the suitable size. Then, the backing film will be detached. The tint film will then be aligned and carefully applied to the window.

The technician will use the squeegee to eliminate any air bubbles and make sure the tint film appropriately adheres to the window. This procedure will be repeated for each window of the vehicle unless all windows are tinted

Advantages of Window Tinting

Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

Clean windows allow harmful UV rays to go into the car. Exposure to UV rays has many risks. UV rays increase the risk of skin conditions. A common skin disease  caused by the rays is melanoma cancer.

The condition occurs when the DNA in the skin cells gets damaged by the UV rays. Other skin conditions caused by the rays comprise wrinkles, leather spots, and leathery skin etc. UV rays cause eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Quality vehicle window tinting avoids 99.9% of UV rays.

Security and Privacy

Clean windows let robbers to see what is inside the vehicle. Quality vehicle window tinting decreases security risks. No one can see whether or not you are inside the car.

You do not have to worry about prying eyes even if you aren’t close to your car. Security and privacy will also protect you from unnecessary window replacement costs. You should not avoid extra safety measures when in areas prone to robbery.

Improved Vehicle Looks 

You know that vehicle with tinted windows has a beautiful look to it. This has to do with many things, but cleaning up the lines of a vehicle by not having the core elements divert from the overall visual is part of it. It is not by mistake that most vehicle producers photograph their vehicles for marketing with tinted windows like the car above. The cars just look better with tinted windows. 

Protects Your Skin from Sun Damage 

The Skin Cancer Foundation has published different data that warns against the potential for skin damage from the sun while traveling in your car. The normal vehicle windows do not block these damaging rays, but adding window films will normally block 99% or more of the sun’s UV rays. 

Keeps the Car’s Interior Cool

A cool car’s interior gives comfort and an wonderful driving experience. Excellence window tinting decreases the buildup of heat inside the car. Heat buildup inside your vehicle will also cost you more money on fuel. You will have to use a cooling system/AC to control the temperatures.

Incurring additional costs on your car’s fuel will damage you financially with time. An excellence window tint will improve your driving experience while saving you money.

Disadvantages of Window Tinting

Possible Legal Penalties

State rules governing car window tinting differ. You might tint your car’s windows without first consulting the appropriate authorities. Making a mistake like that might land you in hot water with the law. You’ll be required to pay severe fines. In certain situations, your driver’s license may also be canceled.

Make sure you are aware of the suggested percentage of window tinting for cars. Select a window tinting professional that is knowledgeable about the tinting regulations in your state.

Damaged Car Style

Poor car window tinting will damage your car’s style instead of boosting it. A damaged style will also decline your car’s resell value. Some buyers can fail to purchase a car with very dark window tints.

Very dark window tints can also reduce your vision when driving. You won’t be able to see the road and oncoming vehicles properly. Choose the right vehicle window tinting percentage to avoid such a drawback.

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