List of Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay: Updated List 2024

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You may now pay for gas at your favourite station with Apple Pay instead of cash, a debit card, or a credit card. Still, some gas stations only accept Apple Pay at the pump. Others accept it at the register.

I rarely give up my credit card number or other personal information at the petrol pump. This is because of Apple Pay’s cutting-edge technology and contactless payment methods. They also make it a secure payment method. My iPhone or Apple Watch is all I need to get going. Here, we will list the gas stations that take Apple Play.

Gas Stations with Apple Pay

This is a list of different petrol stations that accept Apple Pay:


7-Eleven is one of the most famous mini-mart chains in the world. It has quickly embraced contactless payment, but only takes it in-store. 7-Eleven is a well-known convenience shop. In some cases, it also sells gasoline.


To complete the transaction at the gas pump or in the shop, connect your debit or credit card to Apple Pay.

ARCO now works in 15 states. They are Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. In the future, the company plans to expand to other states.


The brand was once owned by the American Oil Company. Amoco is a gasoline and petroleum brand. It later merged with British Petroleum (BP). Now, it is mostly marketed under the BP name. The number of gas stations bearing the Amoco name is declining, in spite of the fact that some still exist. To find out a gas station that sells BP or Amoco goods nearby, use the BP website or app.

Prior to making a payment at Amaco/BP, you must download the BPme app to your smartphone. Before reaching the place, download the app. It will let you use Apple Pay to pay at the store or pump.

Casey’s General Stores

All Casey’s General Store locations now have a new tool that supports Apple Pay. Known by many as “Casey’s,” the chain has locations mainly in the Midwest and the plains regions.

More than 2,147 stores are in 16 states. The states include North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. They also include Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky. They also include Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska.


Paying for your gas in-store or at the pump may be done using Apple Pay or the Chevron app. But it should be kept in mind that you cannot currently sync Apple Pay with the Chevron app.


There are only a few places where Apple Pay is accepted. In addition to Washington, D.C., 30 states in the United States are home to the famous gas station Citgo.

Cirlcle K

Circle K is a globally known brand that has gas stations and convenience stores in 48 states in the US. The company has gasoline at most of its locations. Only a small percentage lack it. Also, only 13% of its locations do not accept Apple Pay.


Conoco has 1,751 gas stations. They are in 33 US states. These include Colorado, Montana, Texas, and others. Most Conoco gas stations may be found in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest areas of the United States.

Conoco sells goods, including food, drinks, and vehicles. They sell fuel for automobiles too. Conco does, in some places, accept Apple Pay.

Cumberland Farms

This petrol station accepts Apple Pay at the pump as well as in the convenience store. Eight states have the sites. They are Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. There are 566 sites.


A number of Costco stores across the country have gasoline stations linked to them. Costco is a big-box wholesale retailer. Apple Pay is compatible if your digital wallet is connected to a Visa credit or debit card.

Costco has 572 gas stations. They are spread over 48 states.

Delta Sonic

Delta Sonic has over 30 locations in many states and cities, including New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. It is a well-known gas station. It is well known for offering its clients premium fuel, vehicle washes, and automotive services. These services include tyre rotations, brake inspections, and oil changes. 

Exxon Mobil

In the United States, all Exxon Mobil outlets accept Apple Pay. Saying “Alexa, pay for gas” on your smartphone will allow you to swiftly make a payment by using the Amazon Alexa app. The majority of Exxon Mobil pumps are also Amazon Alexa-enabled.


Not every Marathon gas station has the tool necessary to take Apple Pay. Filling up your tank with your iPhone is possible as long as the pump displays the contactless sign.

Kum & Go

There are 390 Kum & Go gas stations. They are in 13 states. These include South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Kum & Go is a renowned gas station in the US, with its headquarters situated in its native state of Lowa.

You can get free Wi-Fi at many of its locations. Some of them have seating where you can bring snacks and drinks.  To activate your Apple Pay wallet, use the iPhone app to make payments.


When you pay for your gas at this convenience store inside, Apple Pay is accepted.

In 41 states, there are more than 550 Love’s truck stops.


There are over 200 Meijer gas stations. They are spread over six US states: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and others. These are service stations that provide fuel. Meijer sells a variety of goods in addition to fuel, including as drinks, snacks, lottery tickets, etc.


QwikTrip has more than 960 gasoline stations. They are in 16 US states. These include Arizona, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

In addition to its famous fuel, the company sells many convenience goods. These include newly made coffee, hot food, cold drinks, and snacks.


Raceway has over 300 gas stations. They are spread over major US highways, interstates, and urban areas. They offer a variety of fuel choices, including E85 ethanol for flexible fuel vehicles and diesel fuel for tough vehicles.

Phillips 66

There are more than 2000 Philips 66 petrol stations spread across 33 states in the US. This station provides services related to fuel. Meijer sells multiple goods in addition to fuel, such as drinks and snacks. It also provides various automotive services, including car washes.


Sunoco also embraces Apple Pay at all locations. You can either do it directly with your iPhone or via the Sunoco app. The best thing about using the app is that it lets you save an extra $.03 per gallon.


In six states in the United States, including Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio, Sheetz has more than 600 locations.

Customers can get a variety of fresh foods, coffee, snacks, and gasoline from the company. Moreover, it serves a variety of foods, including pizza, hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches, etc.


There are more than 12,000 Shell gas stations spread across 50 states in the US, namely Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. The organisation provides clients with a number of practical services. Convenience stores, car washes, and auto repair services are some of these services.

Apple Pay is a payment option that Shell accepts at some, or most, of its locations. You have two choices: you can use the Shell app and connect your Google Pay, Paypal, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay to it. Otherwise, you can select Apple Cash from the list of available payment methods.


Not all Texaco gas stations accept Apple Pay, but most of them do. It’s kind of great that the Texaco app allows you to pay using PayPal or Venmo as well, as per the Texaco website.


Three kinds of gasoline are available at Valero gas stations: Regular Unleaded, Plus, and Premium. It also offers E85 and diesel fuel. In addition to gasoline, it offers clients a selection of snacks and drinks.


There are more than 3000 Speedway gas stations spread over 36 states. In addition to gasoline and convenience goods, they offer a number of other services.

There are a number of facilities with free tyre air pumps, and some also provide car washes and oil changes.


With more than 900 outlets spanning seven states, Wawa gasoline stations are situated along the east coast. Their menu features a wide range of options, from coffee and breakfast sandwiches to hoagies and salads.

Travel Centres of America

Travel Centers are mainly found near highways and have over 280 locations in 44 states, including but not limited to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Texas. Centres offer travel services for restaurants, gas stations, and auto repair.


Gas stations that accept Apple Pay are Maverik. The company provides petroleum services, food, and drink at the store, and it has over 350 sites in 11 states. You must connect your Adventure Club card to Apple Pay at the petrol pump to pay for your gas.

Family Express

There are more than 70 Family Express outlets across Indiana and Michigan. The stations sell beverages, food, and petroleum services.


There are more than 550 Costo gas stations across 45 states. The business provides clients with fuel as well as shop services like food, drink, and snacks.

Kwik Trip

Unfortunately, there are only a few places that accept Apple Pay. More than 800 stations can be found in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

It is a Secure and Faster Payment Method

Because Apple Pay does not offer the vendor access to your personal information, it is safer than credit or debit cards. 

In order for the system to process your credit or debit card payment at a petrol station, your card number is automatically shared. But your payment details will unintentionally be disclosed if the system’s privacy is compromised in any way. If you pay using Apple Pay, this will not take place.  In order to avoid storing your original card information, Apple Pay makes a new number when you add a card. This number is then connected to the digital version of your card.

Additonally, With Apple Pay, all you have to do is click your phone to the payment screen, saving you time at the pump by eliminating the need to keep track of your credit and debit cards or search for your card. Finally, you can move on with your day more quickly.

How can I find Apple Pay gas stations near me?

Follow the following steps to find Apple Pay Gas Station:

  • Go to Maps.
  • Put nearby gas stations in the search bar.
  • A directory of petrol stations appears. Select the station of your preference.
  • Tap Useful to know. This will show whether or not the station accepts Apple Pay.


In conclusion, it’s getting simpler to locate gasoline stations in the US that accept Apple Pay. The ease and security of Apple Pay are transforming the way we pay for gasoline. Using Apple Pay to pay for gasoline at Sheetz, BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, and other partner gas stations guarantees a smooth and quick transaction.

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