How To Hide Your Airpods At Work

Admitting that you wear AirPods at work might be humiliating. It might be worse than actually wearing them. Just plug in your AirPods and start working. Yet, there are regulations that you have to follow when working.

Firstly, I want to emphasise that wearing airpods during work is not a good choice. Wearing AirPods can be distracting. They can hurt productivity if your job demands that you contact others a lot.

Besides, keep reading for some useful advice. Learn how to hide your AirPods without being too noticeable. This is for if you’re worried that someone may see them at work.

Why do people wear airpods or headphones during work?

People use headphones, AirPods, and earbuds at work to maintain concentration. Working 8–9 hours a day is difficult, and you will become fatigued if you continue to work like an automaton. Some places expect you to work while reclining. You do this with a group of people who talk more than they work. Headphones or AirPods can play a vital role in helping you in such scenarios. People use these devices for different reasons. They use them to boost productivity and create a productive environment. They also use them to reduce stress and find motivation.

Using headphones at work has many advantages. But there are also downsides. These include isolation from colleagues, reduced awareness, hearing damage, and miscommunication. 

How To Hide Your Airpods At Work

There are many methods to hide your AirPods. Just be cautious. It would be unlucky if you got fired for getting caught listening to music.

Use your long hair

Those with long hair can more readily hide AipPods. By allowing their hair to fall over their ears, they can easily hide earphones. This makes it nearly hard to tell they are there.

This hiding not only hides the earbuds well,. It also stops people from finding them by accident. People often avoid touching another person’s hair when checking their ears. People with long hair can take calls. They can also listen to music without anyone seeing their headphones. They can do this by using an easy trick.

Use Headbands

Headbands are often associated with sportswear. They can be a clever option for concealing headphones at a company with a casual dress code. They provide an easy-to-use solution. This makes them ideal for this type of use.

Make your colour choices basic and bland to keep a low profile. For the most security, fold the earphones into the headband smoothly. Do this after pulling it down over your ears.

It lets you use your headphones in a casual workplace without drawing attention. It’s a simple way to balance business and personal audio needs.

Use a wig

When having long hair is not an option, wearing a wig is a fantastic substitute. It not only transforms you beautifully, but it also discreetly hides your headphones.

To hide that you are working while listening to music, make sure your wig covers your ears. You can use this cutting-edge technology. It lets you look professional while listening to your audio in secret.

Wear gaiter mask

A gaiter mask is a sort of face covering that covers your lips and nose. Pliable, breathable fabric composes it. You can still listen to audio and wear your AirPods while donning a gaiter mask. Just insert the AirPods into your ears as usual, and then pull the mask over your mouth and nose. This makes your AirPods invisible to your coworkers and makes it simple for you to listen to music.

Use small earbuds

Using tiny earbuds, like those from Sony or Bose, is an extra choice. It is for those who find the other options too taxing. You can still stay connected to your music without drawing too much attention. They won’t be as obvious. Although they’re not perfect, tiny earphones make it simple to listen to music and stay out of trouble.

Use glasses

Bone conduction glasses are a clever invention. They remove the need for traditional earbuds or headphones. They do this by sending sound waves straight to the inner ear through the bone.

You can have great audio while wearing these glasses. They also add an air of quality and gravitas. Listen to your preferred audio content or music with this chic and covert choice.

Wear a hoodie

If you just want to feel cosy or are in a casual setting, the hoodie is perfect. Before putting on a hoodie and pulling it over your head, place your AirPods in your ears. The hood covers your ears and AirPods, so no one can see them.

In a relaxed setting, this is a terrific way to stay warm and use your AirPods covertly. It’s a quick and simple way to enjoy your AirPods discreetly while still feeling at ease in your clothes.

Use a Hat

Wearing a hat is the easiest way for someone with short hair to conceal headphones. Those with longer hair can also use it since it provides better coverage for headphones. Examine the policies of the company; some may prohibit caps and require their removal. This simple method lets people wear many hair lengths. It also makes it easier to hide headphones.


There are many ways to conceal AirPods at work. The one you use depends on your interests and your workplace. When using these devices, consider the possibility of distraction. Also, think about your attire. It could be baggy or tight. Use your AirPods for work music or calls. These tips can help you stay private and avoid interruptions.

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